Chapter (1) The Nature, Place and Aims of the Association

Article (1)

Association of Residents and friends of Vale da Telha, designated in these status as an Association, is constituted by any individual having permanent residence, or running a commercial establishment in the areas of Vale da Telha, Espartal, Paisagem Oceano, Arrifana and Monte Clergo, in the municipality of Aljezur, be it as an owner, tenant, or agent of any business, paying an annual fee to be fixed and with any tasks associated in the social aim and interest, independently and free from any national dissemination, as long as he or she is capable  of the exercise of rights in the terms of the constitution and law.

Article (2)

The location is the old Primary School at Vales parish and Municipal of Aljezur.

The Association may re-site the headquarters within the parish and Municipal of Aljezur.

Article (3)

The Association is an institution without profit, set up for undetermined time, and is regulated by the present applicable rules and regulations.

Article (4)

There will be the possibility of membership under other conditions, as long as serious interests for the zone are shown, deserving, and under these qualities are admitted by the General Assembly.

Article (5)

The Association has the objectives to:

A. Improve relations between residents, businesses and owners in the area

B.  Promote initiatives of cultural social and sports benefits.

C.  Represent by its staff the members in relation to local and central administrative authorities, public services and other entities.

D.  Promote improvement of quality of local life in all its ways.

Article (6)

For the realization of its objectives is the association’s duty to:

A.  Promote any activity creating a community spirit, improving the general feeling and making the area more attractive to the residents and to the potential residents.

B.  Collaborate with official authorities.

C.  Obtain necessary information about progress of i.e. relations between different proprietors of businesses in the zone and Camara Municipal, The Municipal, E.D.P. civil constructors, water supplies etc.

D.  Create by subscription or other legal means, Fire Service and Fire prevention, Library and places of worship.

E.  Promote urban development, collaborating with builders and local authorities in the improvement of roads and illumination.

F.  Identify projects for future benefits of the town area.

G.  Create a management fund to finance present and future events, to carry out duties including the social patrimony.

Chapter (2) The Associated Members

Article (7)

1.    Associated are the residents, business owners, proprietors and future titular of interest in the area, in the terms of articles  1 & 4 of these  statutes, that are members of the association

2.    The Membership is achieved by filling in, signing and returning the appropriate form.

Article (8)

There will be two types of associated members:

1.    Dual Membership which is 2 named people per dwelling, business, or property.

2.   Single Membership which is 1 per dwelling.

All Members Dual and Single have an obligation to pay the agreed membership fee annually with the year    running from 1st January to 31st December.

Article (9)

The rights of members are:

A.  To take part in General Assemblies.

B.  Elect and be elected to association reps.

C.  Examine, at the offices, records and finances of the association, within condition and time limits set by directors.

D.  Participate in any working group and take part in the associations general duties.

E.  Propose to the reps any social initiative that may contribute to the associations objectives.

F.  Demand extraordinary meeting of the general assembly.

Article (10)

Members duties are:

A.  Carryout with devotion and eagerness the duties entrusted

B.  Accomplish internal rules and regulations.

C.   Collaborate actively in the associations tasks.

D.  Contribute annual minimum fee set by the general assembly (exclusively of ordinary members)

E. Report change of address to directors

Article (11)

Membership is lost by:

A.  Unpaid fees

B.  Request that Members say it in writing

C.  Breaking the rules, recognised by the general assembly

D.  Cessation of membership terms Article 1&4.

Section (I) General Organisation and Running of Association

Article (13)

1.    General Assembly and other agents are elected for one year, elections at a general assembly take place up to 31st August each year

2.    None of the social duties will be paid.

3.    Elected members for social duties will start on the first of January the following year, after what is considered carrying out duties, until the empowering of new elected staff.

Article (14)


Section (II) General Assembly

Article (15)

1.    The General Assembly, Sovereign of the Association is made by all members

2.        Whenever the General Assembly does not deliberate to the contrary or it may participate all members’ defendants and invited eventually, but without the right to vote.

3.        Only associated fully paid up members have the vote.

Article (16)

The General Assembly table is composed of the President, Vice President, who will replace the President during absences or impediments, one secretary entrusted to direct work exercise power discipline, anote and write General Assembly decisions.

Article (17)

General Assembly duties to:

A        Deliberate over general directions of the running of the association.

B        Study and vote on the report of activities and finances of the associations directors.

C        Elect staff by secret scrutiny

D        Decide on suggestions presented by the President, the Director or any present member.

E        Decide the use of financial surplus from previous year.

F        Modify present rules.

G        Revoke the mandate of any or all social staff who by their actions give reason to do so,

being able to at the same meeting to elect new substitutes to replace the revoked mandate.

H        Clarify over the loss of rights by a member proposed by the directors

I        Fix the minimum value of membership fees and time in which to pay as well as form of


J        Decide over the extinction, and deliberate over the destiny of the associations belonging.

Article (18)

The General Assembly will take place every time it is called by the President, on request by the Directors the fiscal council or by a minimum of 1/3 of members.

Article (19)

1.    The General Assembly will be called by the President with at least 15 days notice by postal notice and or e mail sent to each and every ordinary member.

2.    This notice will have, date, time and written agenda.

3.    The General Assembly Meeting called by e-mail or letter to members will commence at the given time with a       minimum of 10% of its membership, or with any number of members 15 min later

Article (20)

Any representation in the General Assembly will be made in writing by a simple letter sent to the President.

Article (21)

1.    With the possibility of a large number of members being of Foreign Nationality, it is accepted that it may simultaneously be that the English language is used for correct clarification of the subjects in a debate at the assembly, thus allowing a transaction for the effect.

2.    For all effect, namely if there is a divergence over contents discussed, there will always be a print out in the Portuguese language.

Article (22)

Simple majority except the following cases will take General Assembly deliberations

A        Alterations of the rules, for which it is necessary that 10% of all present members attend.

B        Extinction of the association, it is necessary that two thirds of the members attend.

Section (III) The Directors

Article (23)

1.    The Management is composed by three or a maximum of five members being the:

•    President

•    Treasurer

•    Secretary

•    2 extra (optional)

Article (25)

Directions and role

A        Carry out the General Assembly deliberations ensures the activities within the association’s aims are realized.

B         Build, encourage and co-ordinate work groups helping to achieve the associations aspirations.

C        Study the activity and financial report and present it to the General Assembly called for this purpose.

D        Manage the association’s property.

E        Deliberate the suspension of any member, submitting such deliberation to the general assembly.

F        Represent the association.

G        Call extraordinary meeting of general assembly when thought necessary.

H        proposes to the general assembly the minimum fee and form time of payment.

I        keep a book of reports duly written.

J        may have auxiliary services to pay namely Auxiliary Admin personnel, Auditor Juridical and Fiscal, Promoter of activities, cultural and sports.

Section (IV) Fiscal Council

Article (26)

The Fiscal Council made up of:

•    President

•    Reporter

•    Secretary

Article (27)

Fiscal Council duties:

A        co-operate with management, closely following its activities.

B        Control the associations financial admin.

C        Give opinion over report of activities and finance presented by the management such as estimated projects or extra expenditure

D        Give opinions on any financial subject if asked by general assembly or management

E        Call, if necessary extraordinary general assembly meeting.

Chapter (V) Financial Regime

Article (28)

General Assembly duties to:

A        The associations income is made by annual fees received from members (ordinary income) and any other income namely subsidies, donations, offer or inheritance that may eventually be attributed  (extraordinary income).

B        The annual fee is established voluntarily by each member a member will be asked to fill in the application form, the minimum fee is fixed by the general assembly.

C        The fee payment will be made by one single yearly payment before August each year. Members may be admitted any time of the year as long as a full annual fee is paid.

D        A Member for any reason leaving the association will have no right to any reimbursement of any fee paid.

E        Exceptionally, the management may overlook any due fee by any member unable to make this payment.

Article (29)

A        All monetary values of this association will be deposited in a banking establishment available to the management in power, observing the rule No. 3 of the present article

B        Movement of the association financial assets can only take place with signatures of the president and treasurer, or in their absence by their replacements

C        For current expenses there will be a permanent fund (petty cash) to be fixed by the treasurer.

Chapter (VI) The Elections

Article (30)

1.    Candidates for social officers will be would be a list to be presented to the President of the general assembly up to the end of October of each year.

2.    These lists will have the names of candidates and indications of respected duties.

3.    More than one list may be circulated, one being obligatory and circulated by the management and others at least 1/5th of the ordinary member.

Chapter (VII) Final Dispositions

Article (31)

The association can only be dissolved by deliberation by at least 2/3rds of ordinary members at an extraordinary general assembly called for this purpose.

Article (32)