The Hub of the Community…….

Be it ever so humble….there’s no place like Amovate!

We know, we know—that’s rather stretching it a bit. But we did get your attention, didn’t we?

AMOVATE is the Associação Dos Moradores e Amigos do Vale Da Tel, or the Association of Residents and Friends of Vale da Telha, available for people of all nationalities who have links to the area.

It is a non-profit making charitable organisation and you can find all of our details, and some articles and photographs which you might find of interest on this website, including details of how to join.

Our HQ is the Old Schoolhouse, which you can find as the road just 150m or so past Vales divides to Vale da Telha on the right, Arrifana on the left.

And we feel there is something symbolic about that, because we’d like to think this former Schoolhouse IS an important junction in the social life of people on this plateau outside Aljezur.

It’s the only community centre we have up here, and it does offer more than perhaps a lot of people imagine.

Those people, not just Amovate members, who avail themselves of it, understand that.

We are a link between the community and the local council, or Camara, as we hold regular meetings with the President and /or his staff to raise any relevant issues, and we have a good working relationship with the local police commander who writes a regular column on the website updating his force’s activities.

We cannot solve ALL the area’s problems, but we certainly do whatever we can, subject to the budgetary restraints on the local authority.

Also, we know most of you follow your own pursuits, your own hobbies and recreations, and that’s as it should be.

But the Schoolhouse has plenty going on that you may wish to add to your list of pursuits and your busy schedule, once you become aware that they are there for you.

Regular classes include Keep Fit, Dance Instruction, Pilates, Yoga and more. We also have a Tennis Club, using the three Amovate-administered courts on the road heading towards Monte Clerigo.

More recently the building has benefitted from the provision of well-equipped gymnasium facilities.

And the Old Schoolhouse is the starting point for walks of varying distances, according to your requirements. There is a reasonably well-stocked library, and a bar run by the local Petanc Association.  The office is open on Fridays from 4pm – 5pm for Amovate business.

And of course we also hold the very popular Car Boot sale on the first Sunday of each month April through to September.

So, pop along and see what we can offer, and keep watching the website and the Amovate Facebook Page for all the latest information. You may want to join and become part of this active organisation which exists solely for the benefit of the people in this area.

Amovate is at your service…..