Bombeiros Supplies – Update

Amovate have been advised that if anyone has a spare room for evacuated or displaced people as a result of the Monchique Fire, please could they contact Sally Henman on

Also, we have been advised by the co-ordinators at the Bombeiros at Silves, that the firefighters are coming back for food hot, sweaty and wet, and are living in wet clothes.

They need T shirts in all sizes, and underwear all sizes both male and female.

They do NOT need socks, they do NOT need food or water as they have enough for a day or two.

If anyone wishes to donate, they may leave these items at the Old School House in Vales, the Amovate Headquarters.

**Yesterday (10 August), Amovate sanctioned 200 euro to buy items for the Bombeiros that they were requesting.
Cath Baker kindly volunteered to drive to Portimao where the following items were purchased :-
48 T-shirts
50 pairs of mens underwear
24 pairs of womens underwear.

These were then delivered to the Bombeiros station in Silves.

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