Meeting – Bombeiros Voluntárious de Aljezur

At a meeting with the Bombeiros Voluntáriouis de Aljezur last week, Amovate asked what they would like us to buy with the €3.119,90 raised from the Bombeiros event at the Restaurante Fonte do Vale. After a short discussion they settled on the following…

  • Fire Retardent Jackets and trousers which cost around 150€ a suit
  • Radios that can be used by the officers when fighting fires to allow information to be passed between themselves so they are all aware of the situation when not close enough to inform one another..

The equipment will take approx.. 4/6 weeks to be delivered.

The Bombeiros have suggested a presentation of the equipment purchased could be made in Vale da Telha and it has also been suggested this should be at the Fonte who hosted the event and were also generous in their support of the event. The Bomberios also suggested that the new ambulance and fire engine could be made available to be on display at the same time work permitting.

In about 2 weeks time the Bomberios intend to hold 2 meetings at different times so as many people living in Vale Da Telha can attend where they will outline procedures for Major Fires and or Earthquakes, this will include indicating the safe designated areas to escape to as well as how messages and information will be relayed to residents.

Also there will be 2 or 3 people responsible in VdT area whom the Bombeiros would have direct contact with and who will lead the warning of any potential disaster.

The Bombeiros are also programming their own database of the whole community and surrounding areas and all hills which are named. This gives full information on each household so the Bombeiros know how many people are normally there., are there special needs etc. This also includes type of property and whether commercial or other and how accessible the property is.

Once again, another positive meeting and of course the Bomberios are very thankful and appreciative of our efforts and help once again.

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