Amovate Memberships and Discounts

It appears that some members are getting confused with the membership of Amovate, since the change some 3 years ago.

To remind people – the Amovate membership is €10 per person.  This was changed from €15 per couple, with the partner member not being able to vote at any general meetings.

The change was made as it was unfair to single individuals that were having to pay the full €15 to be a member.

Members are able to obtain discounts in some shops or bars, but this discount is only for the member – not their partner, and you should show any up to date membership cards to the establishment offering the discount before you are served.

So, if you want the benefit of receiving the discount then both partners need to join.

Amovate have been made aware that the Restaurante Fonte do Vale have been giving discount to non-members which is neither fair to the Restaurant nor existing Amovate members.

Membership Secretary Alan Nightingale will be happy to receive any new membership requests.

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