New Initiative on Green Waste – Update










Amovate are pleased to announce that the Aljezur Câmara are about to launch a real initiative on Green Waste.
Last Friday at the Town Hall the President José Manuel Lucas Gonçalves…..and Antonio Carvalho Director, met with the Amovate President Matt Darcy together with the Vice President Ian Bedford and the Administrator Steve Scott. They were told of the Câmara’s intention is to open a new station to deposit Green Waste within easy reach of Vale Da Telha.

The station due to be open later this year will allow both householders and contractors to take their garden waste and place it in large bins for removal to the Algar Depot.

This will initially be free of charge with the hope that it will stop people depositing such rubbish at the domestic bin collecting areas.

Of course the Câmara are aware that there are limited funds to carry out this operation and therefore the station will have a schedule of opening times.

You will also have noticed additional recycling banks around the Vale da Telha area.  The Câmara intend to increase these numbers in the coming months to help deal with the Summer season.

Amovate greatly support this venture that will go a long way to helping clean up areas within VDT that are not only an eyesore, but a health and fire hazard.


Amovate have made it clear to the Câmara that it would like to see this area enlarged to take on general small building project material waste, as well as larger household goods such as fridges and furniture. However, they say that at present there is a problem dealing with these other items mainly due to costs. They will be issuing a phone number that can be used for the house hold goods to be collected from home. Building waste is an expensive waste to dispose of and any expansion on the proposals will need careful consideration especially financial input from others.

Amovate and the Câmara after the scheme is underway, will look to further the venture but initially the correct disposal of Green Waste is paramount in a more cost effective and suitable manner than at present.

Representatives from the Câmara, the Junta de Freguesia, Algar, the Costa Vincentina National Park and the GNR hopefully will attend a meeting on 4th June to expand and inform the residents of this venture, and the implications of dumping waste in places other than this new station.

Householders and visitors are reminded that The Câmara, Green Waste Police, The Park Authority and the GNR ALL have the ability to fine people for discarding any of these waste objects whether at bins, within the National Park itself or any fly tipping.
The householder from where it has been generated from, as well as the contractor depositing the waste are responsible and liable, these fines are not small and range from hundreds to thousands of euros per fine so be warned.

Adverts and posters will be placed around VDT to inform householders of the venue.

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