Land Clearance in the Local Area

The Amovate President this morning had a telephone conversation with Comandante Mario from the Bombeiros, in regard to the fire protection requirements in the Vale da Telha area.  This is in advance of a meeting Amovate hope to have with the Comandante in the next few days.

At this moment in time they still don’t know exactly what classification Vale da Telha comes under,  according to the park authority and detailed plan (plano de pormenor), so it is difficult for him to advise exactly what has to be done.

  •  Firstly, he advised that the deadline has now been moved to the 30th of April.
  •  His suggestions to owners at the moment are that not all trees need to be cut down, there is no problem having trees on your land inside Vale da Telha as it would be very difficult for a fire to start that way.  However, what he says is important is that trees should be 5m away from dwellings and cut up to 4m above ground level, also that ground vegetation such as dense natural bushes and fallen branches, twigs pine cones, need to be cleared as a safety measure as they are exceptionally flammable. (See photograph)
  • To people who are bordering the national park, those properties on the perimeter, there needs to be 10m cleared from their fences to the park land. This has been done over the years by the Camâra, and he is waiting to see if they do it this year. It is apparently not their responsibility, it is the responsibility of the owners of each plot, but he will let us know better when he can have a meeting with us.
  • He also emphasised that this is not an excuse for everybody to cut everything down!

The bombeiros have asked for a list of all the owners of plots and land that are empty in Vale da Telha and the surrounding areas in order that they can contact them and advise them that plots need to be cleared, you may have seen a few being done around already.

 In summary, to owners who have empty plots; it is advisable to have them cleared. To owners of properties in Vale da Telha;  large trees need to have their branches cut 4m above ground level and must be 5 m from the house itself.  With fruit trees etc. we assume this is not applicable, but definitely larger pines, and eucalyptus etc. and definitely anything that shades the property must be cut back. Owners on the perimeter adjoining the national park should make a 10m break-line as well, however we can wait and see if the Camâra will do it again. Any plots bordering your property that have lots of trees, the Bombeiros are trying to identify owners as it is each individual owners responsibility.

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