Bowen Therapy

Rene Helder Phd
Certified Bowen Therapist, Bowtech Europe

Bowen Therapy – fast pain relief for:

 Pins and needles in hands and arms.
 Carpal tunnel pains in wrists.
 Limited range of movement in neck or shoulders.
 Tennis elbow, golfers elbow.
 Back pain, neck pain, frozen shoulder.
 Tight hamstrings, knee pain.
 Hormonal imbalance, irregular periods.
 Headaches, migraines.
 Sinusitis, asthmatic, respiratory, tinnitus.
 Improved overall posture and mobility.
Built up tensions and spasms in muscles and blockages in nerve paths can cause daily discomfort from mild to debilitating pain. These tensions and blockages can be relieved by stimulating the fascia that surround the affected tendons, muscles and nerves, triggering the healing process and optimizing circulation within the body. Optimized circulation will result in
pain free communication between the brain, facia, nerves, muscles and tendons.
The difference between massages and Bowen therapy:
Typically massage and physical therapists have a firmer more hands on approach. A Bowen therapist stimulates and manipulates soft tissue and the fascia with gentle rolls of the finger tips over muscle bellies, creating a pulse. These pulses are strategically inserted in 2 by 2 minute intervals. A treatment takes 45 minutes up to one hour.
Treatments at your home: 40€
Treatments at Salao Ulli (next to Cafe Moagem) : 25€
phone: +351 919 655 030
Rene Helder Phd
Certified Bowen Therapist, Bowtech Europe.

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