Photography Classes

Everyone takes photographs these days, the world is full of them but how many will be remembered in the future? Anyone can pick up a phone or a camera and take a photo of what they see in front of them but is it a good picture, is it exciting, does it evoke some sort of emotion; do people love it or hate it?

I am willing to run a short course of five sessions to help you to get more out of your photography. I would need at least six people to enrol to make it viable and you do not need a top of the range camera, a phone or point and shoot camera would do just as well. I will not be teaching you how to use your camera, this is not a technical course, this is all about observation and ideas.

We will be out and about but start from the AMOVATE headquarters in Vales, time and date to be arranged if enough people are interested.

Please get in touch by pm on my Facebook page Faith Hendry Clements or by email at

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