Excess Noise

May we, Amovate, advise that we have no authority over any noise levels that may be
considered excessive by any individual or individuals. In addition just informing the Amovate is too late when action is required at the time of the considered excessive noise.
If anybody does experience, in their opinion, excessive noise levels then it is their responsibility to obtain the required information of source and timing and report it to the police, who will take action as long as it is outside of the agreed licensing for the establishment in question.
Police Contact Number : 282 998130
We also suggest you email the Câmara with the same full details of when and where.

Email Address : geral@cm-aljezur.pt
In addition copy your email to the Amovate.
Email Address : info@amovate.com
We will then raise the point with the Câmara if sufficient complaints are received concerning the offending party / location.

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