Work on Waste Areas

At a recent meeting with the Câmara, Amovate Committee Members discussed AGAIN the terrible mess around the bin areas in VDT.

The Vice President stated that there were already plans in place to update most of the areas, with a view to keeping them tidy, and that work was to commence soon.




Already the area near the Old Camp Site has been completed, together with a trench surrounding the space where green waste and building materials were dumped, to keep the areas clean.

Now work has commenced the by the Tennis Courts to build enclosures for the bins which hopefully will keep the area tidy.

Amovate also asked that more recycling bins were placed, to help especially during the holiday season, as there were insufficient to cope with the demand.

Both the Câmara and Amovate are working towards a scheme to centralise the deposit of Green Waste. Both teams are passionate about the terrible mess both householders and contractors leave around the bin areas, with huge piles of debris…….Watch this space  –  as the Câmara will be launching the new scheme soon, and residents will have a chance to hear all about it at meetings to be arranged within VDT.

At last a chance to get VDT looking like all the other areas within the Aljezur Câmara region and make it tidier and more acceptable to all.

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