Petanca Competition – 2nd September

Amovate and the Associação Petanca Vale da Telha are holding a Petanca Competition on Saturday the 2nd of September, at the Amovate Headquarters, the Old School House in Vales.
The teams will consist a Member of the Petanca Club, teamed with one of us as usual.

The event will start at 14.00 hours with four teams in each group who play against each other initially. Then the top teams from each group will go through to the knockout stage. They will play seven ends for each game only with the winner being the team who score the most points.

The entry fee is €2 to cover the cost of prizes with a small trophy for the eventual winners.
There will also be a BBQ afterwards at a cost of €5.

Anyone wanting to play, please email Steve Scott at , also please indicate  whether you require the BBQ.
Visitors are welcome to just come along and watch and also partake in the BBQ afterwards,but you will need to also book this in advance by email.

Please advise Steve if you wish to play, and of your requirements by 25th August.

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