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UPDATE from the Hospital São Gonçalo de Lagos relating to the São Gonçalo Clinic in Aljezur:

The Aljezur clinic will now have a GP available on a fortnightly basis for patient consultations.

We are told that Dr João Silva has been a public healthcare centre doctor who always had a good rapport with the patients. He speaks fluent English and a little French.

Dr Silva has since joined the São Gonçalo Hospital,  the Clínica São Gonçalo, Aljezur and others in Portimão and will now be available on a rotational basis to residents of Aljezur in the Clínica São Gonçalo opposite the Bombeiros and next to Solange’s Pharmacy.

He will be there on every second Friday between 14.00pm and 17.00pm, with his next visits being June 16th and 30th.

Consultations will cost €50, but the agreement the hospital has signed with Amovate –a  20% discount for our members—means that consultations will cost €40 when you show your Amovate membership card.

To book an appointment to see Dr Silva please telephone

282 994 272 or 800 224 424.

Amovate is delighted to announce that members can now benefit from discounted private medical services at the new Aljezur clinic operated by the Hospital São Gonçalo de Lagos.

The clinic opened recently opposite the Bombeiros in Aljezur, as part of the Hospital São Gonçalo’s expansion along the west coast into Aljezur, São Teotónio and Odemira.

And following talks between Amovate and the hospital’s Business Unit we have negotiated special discounted rates at both the hospital and all three clinics for Amovate members who sign up to the plan, plus their spouses and children.

This means Amovate members can claim:

20% discount on the private prices in all medical services (outpatient, inpatient and surgery)

20% discount on the private prices in radiology exams.

20% discount on the private prices in clinical analysis.

Members can also take advantage of a full medical check-up at a special discounted price of €200. This involves (pre-booking is required):

General Practice Consultations;

Simple Clinical analysis;

Simple Electrocardiogram;

Chest X-Ray (pulmonary & cardiac).

This new Amovate Partnership Agreement with Hospital S Gonçalo and Clinics S Gonçalo brings our members into line with similar arrangements between the Hospital S Gonçalo and AFPOP, UFE (Union les Français) and Vivere in Portogallo (Italian expats).

The agreement involves the services at São Gonçalo Hospital and the São Gonçalo Clinics in Aljezur, São Teotónio and Odemira.

The clinical services in Hospital S Gonçalo Lagos includes Inpatient and Outpatient services and consultations, Operating Theatre, 24/7 Emergency Service, Imaging Exams; Gastroenterology Exams, Clinic Analysis and other additional hospital facilities.

In Aljezur, at this early stage, (the clinic is geared up to increase the number of days it is open, as demand grows for its services) they provide:

–          General Medicine – Tuesdays and Thursdays, during the afternoon

–          Clinic Analysis – Tuesdays and Thursdays after 08:00am (insurances agreement already available)

–          ECG – Tuesdays and Thursdays after 08:00am

–          Pediatrician – Thursdays, between 14:00pm and 16:00pm

–          Dentist – available March 31st, 10:00am to 17.00pm and every 15 days thereafter. (If enough people take up the service the dentist could become available every Friday)

–          Dermatology – available from March

–          Orthopaedic – available soon

–          Physiotherapy – Fridays, after 09:30am

Other facilities:

Free return transportation to Lagos from Aljezur, for Imaging exams (pre booking is required at the S Gonçalo Clinic Aljezur for this service) or email to:

–          Gastroenterology Exams, appointments and results

–          Imaging Exams, appointments and results

You can obtain full details by contacting the hospital or relevant clinic directly.

Useful contacts:

Hospital S Gonçalo Lagos

Free number 800 224 424

For appointments:

Clínica S Gonçalo Aljezur

Open Tuesday and Thursday, 08.00am to 18.00pm (lunch break, 13.00-14.00pm)

Tel. 282 994 272

For appointments:



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