Join Amovate And Save Money!

by Matt D’Arcy

Yes, that’s right! It costs the ridiculously small sum of €10 to join Amovate, or €20 for dual membership (member and partner), but that opens the door to a host of savings that mean—to all intents and purposes—it costs you nothing to join!

As an Amovate member you get discounts on your food bill in places like the Restaurante Fonte do Vale when you show your card.

But more recently we have negotiated hotel discounts, plus significant discounts on private health treatment plus home, car, life insurance etc.

You will be given full details of these savings when you join.

And here, for example, is one illustration showing how being an Amovate member can save you much, much more, than your initial membership fee.

On May 3rd, we received this e-mail from a member:

I just wanted to say a big thank-you to those on the committee who negotiated the deal with Hospital S.Gonçalo.

Although we do have private medical insurance, it does not cover GP consultations or emergencies, and I had to go down yesterday to see the doctor as an emergency.

I thought I would produce my Amovate card and see what happened!

I was immediately given a 20% discount.

I have to go back today for X-ray and ultra-sound which again will be a big saving with the discount.

So once again, many thanks.

I wish more people would realise that for only 20 Euros a year a couple can be part of Amovate and save money as well!

So, there you have it.

As we said at the outset…join Amovate and save money. You know it makes sense!

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The Membership form for download can be found at the end of the article.

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