Amovate Post Boxes on Vale Da Telha

Amovate own and regularly maintain the two blocks of post boxes at the tennis courts and the apartments. There are 240 in each block. The block adjacent to the tennis courts is at 95% capacity and the apartments block is 79%.

We are therefore now embarking on a campaign of confirming those who have and use these boxes and a while back each box holder was left a form in their box to update the information on our records.

Recently on inspection we have discovered that some boxes being used are unregistered to the user and this needs rectifying. There are 13 non registered boxes at the tennis courts and 51 at the apartments.

We unfortunately have several incidents where owners who sell their property pass on the post box keys, unfortunately the boxes do not belong to the house owner but Amovate and new owners need to register these boxes in their name and pay the appropriate fee. These Post Boxes are not transferable.

To enable the registering to now take place these boxes will be sealed and no new post will be delivered in them.

The CTT have been informed of the actions we will be implementing: changing locks and sealing the inside of the unregistered boxes. This will mean no further access to these boxes and any mail will be returned to the CTT depot.

This action will also help free up boxes not being used and will allow for new residents to have a post box on Vale Da Telha

In the future once we get near the point of full capacity we will apply to the Camara to extend the blocks to provide more boxes.

We have been asked what the €10 fee covers; generally it is for maintenance work, renewal of locks and keeping the areas tidy.

Any questions that the users have can be directed to the Amovate Committee member responsible for the boxes by e-mail to

Thanking everyone in anticipation of your help

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