AGM Notes

Notes of AGM No 40

DATE…9TH February 2017 – 16:00 hours

More than 10% of the members present so meeting started at 16.00 on time


  1. Introduction by President of the Assembly informing members regarding the Agenda
  2. Résumé of the past years work was given by the Secretary
  1. Presentation of Accounts which was approved
  1. Committee for Election……only one voting list which was presented and unanimously agreed by all present……. Officers posts were delegated…*see list*
  1. Any Other Business

Points raised by members are as follows…

  • Acute Shortage of Doctors at the Health Centre…unsure which body to approach whether the Camara or others…late appraisal and action on people means escalation in the of the patient
  • Road Conditions…Many areas on VDT have serious pot holes and very poor road surfaces and are in need of urgent repair…no expenditure in VDT whilst Aljezur, Rogil, Odiaxere get lots spent in their areas and VDT probably contributes the most Tax to the system
  • Green Waste…Still piles around the area although the Camara have taken to stock piling behind the stables and setting fire to it…not the solution we are looking for
  • National Park Plan…when will it be resolved now 7 years how much more
  • Processionary Caterpillars….great number of nests and are dangerous to animals and humans…many along the Vincentina walk…is there an EU Directive about these pests
  • Electricity Cables….many now travel through trees and are in danger of damage or worse
  • Street Lights…many now not working needs attention…General the Camara used to deal with these complaints..need to find actual points for the repair.
  • Car Boot….Very poorly attended agreed that maybe close from October to April
  • Floor to main Hall in poor state of repair and damp….needs replacing….Estimate required and taken to Camara seeking help…Maybe the members of the Petanca Clube could help
  • Notice Board….being abused needs to be addressed and keep unwanted post off
  • Web Page needs to give more information as to what is going on in the area and advice to members……Generally this happens but it needs reading regularly by members
  • Approach made by Hospital S. Goncalo offering a discount to members to use their services…agreed that this should be taken up and that members to be made aware of the situation
  • Approach also made by amazigh Guest House and Hostel for members and their family and guests to use the facilities……they will give a discount…awaiting full details and will post on the Web Page




President: John Bergstrom – Potter

Vice-President: Kate Lang

Secretary: Ian Bedford 282 995 249

Treasurer: Dave Ogborn

Member:  Alvaro Figueiredo

Member: Alan Nightingale

Member: Chic Wilson

Member: John Williams

Member: Armindo Santos Almeida

Member: Steve Baker

Member: Steve Scott



President: Marion Verling

Vice-President: Richard Hursthouse

Secretary: Ian Bedford


President :Angus Lang (Non Committee Member, Auditor of Accounts)

Secretary: Judith Chilvers (Non Committee Member)

Relator: David Quinton (Non Committee Member)


Matt D’Arcy (Non Committee Member)






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