Insurance For Amovate Members

Amovate has formed a partnership with local insurance brokers Fidelidade in Aljezur to offer members an additional discount on all kinds of insurance cover.

If you are soon to renew your insurance, or plan to switch from your existing brokers, you can take advantage of the discount simply by producing your membership card when you sign up with Carla and Manuel Cristo at their office in Rua 25 da Abril, Aljezur, near the bridge.

Carla says they can already go up to 62% discount in their original quote. But as an Amovate member you will get an additional €10 discount on any insurance policy you take out with Fidelidade.

Carla, whose company handles the public liability insurance for Amovate’s “Family Days”, says they also offer the discount in transfers from other insurance, and goes on:

“Here in Fidelidade we offer house insurance—this also covers swimming pool leaks (but not simple cracks)—and storm damage to the pool plumbing; basically the pool has the same guarantees that the building has.

“We now offer the top level cover for building contents, such as accidental damage to computers, smart phones, tablets etc.

“And our range of services also includes health and car insurance, pet health insurance and liability insurance for pets, guns, house rental, travel, life insurance, personal injury and funeral costs.

“Overall, the services we offer are mostly related to insurances, professional consultancy, claims management and clients needing our services in an emergency can contact me on my mobile phone 24 hours a day”.



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