New Hiking Trails Boost Aljezur Tourism

Article and photo from The Algarve Daily News

Bordeira Trilhos

Three new hiking trails boost Aljezur Council’s rural tourism offer.

Work has been completed on upgrading the three old routes near Bordeira, out west in the Aljezur council area.

The Aromas Trail, the Tides Trail and the Hills Trail, (Trilho dos Aromas, Trilhos das Marés and Trilho dos Montes) add 42.5 kilometres of hiking opportunities for the increasing numbers of outdoors folk who travel to the western Algarve for leisure pursuits and holidays.

According to information from Aljezur council, the three routes were subject to detailed study, with several improvements introduced in order to make walking the routes a fun experience for hikers.

The council said that the new routes project proposal was shown to locals who had a chance to comment before the work finally was assessed, carried out and the routes launched.

The work was developed by the Parish council and the Rota Vicentina organisation and benefitted from the financial support of Aljezur council to the tune of €30,000.

This investment was justified as the Aljezur council area, in particular the parish of Bordeira, is increasingly sought after by hikers from all over the world.

This is why the municipality funded the project as it aims to continue to encourage out of season rural tourism which increasingly is putting Aljezur on the map, while boosting the local economy.

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