Society Dates for 2017

Below are details of our evens in 2017 showing dates, courses,first tee times and green fees.

Thursday Dates 2017 Green Fee for 2 players and 1 buggy Course First tee time
January 19th 85€ Alamos 9.00am
February 16th 99€ Morgado 9.04 am
March 9th  featuring Beddy’s Birthday Bash 99€ Morgado 8.40 am from Tee 10
April 13th 99€ Alamos 9.24am
May 11th 99€ Morgado 9.04am
June 8th  featuring Tom and Liam’s Duffers Day 85€ Alamos 9.00am
July 13th 85€ Morgado 9.04am
August 10th 85€ Alamos 9.00am
September14th 85€ Morgado 9.04am
October 12th 99€ Alamos 9.00am
November 9th 99€ Morgado 9.04am
December 14th 85€ Alamos 9.00am
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