World Cup Petanca at VdT

PetanceA great afternoon of friendly but competitive games of Petanca took place at the Old School House, Vales. The sun was shining and everybody was smiling.

The VdT Petanca Clube teamed up with expats from England, Germany and Belgium to ensure the expats were not annihilated by  playing against Portuguese “professionals”.   The Petanca Clube even accepted the Sunday afternoon expats’ way of playing the game which meant playing just seven ends,  and noting the points scored as against playing to 13 points which is the standard way.

There were four teams in each group, involving a round robin at the first stage and the team with most points progressed to the next stage. There were 5 groups and as well as the winner of each group going forward, the next 3 highest scorers also progressed into the next round.

This was then followed by a straight forward knock out tournament, quarter final, semi-final and then the final.

After completion of the competition there was  a wonderful BBQ of chicken and pork complimented with salad and crisps and there was plenty of it. Drinks were optional of course.


Winners’ Trophy

Finally it was the culmination of the event,  with the  prize giving, where nine prizes were presented, eight to the knock out stage winners and one special prize. A large trophy was awarded to the winners and a “gold” medal to keep for John Williams and Arturo.   There was a steward’s inquiry over this with John changing partners at the knock out stage who seemed to have partnered the Portugal “Ronaldo” of petanca. All taken in good spirit of course. The trophy will be retained in the Amovate as this is to become an annual event.

There was a special prize presented to the team with the lowest number of points scored. A bottle of water for Cath Baker and Antonio Ramos, the President of the Petanca Clube.

Thanks were given to all who made this a successful and memorable event. It was noted that the Portuguese were watching the clock in preparation to watch Portugal against Austria.

They were finally left on their own to watch it,  which maybe was a good thing considering the result and what happened during the game!.

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