AGM Minutes

IMG_2851For those who were unable to attend the AGM on 19th Novemver 2015, the minutes are attached below:

The changes to the Statutes, circulated to the membership prior to the meeting were agreed and therefore the Membership now runs from 1st January – 31st December.

There is now 2 types of membership, Dual membership for couples and single membership, this now gives voting rights to all members at AGM’s and other such meetings called by the President.

Membership fees are now as follows: Dual Membership €20 and Single Membership €10. It would be appreciated if members seek renewal  from the membership secretary Kate Lang or from a committee member or at the Office on Friday afternoons between 16:00 – 17:00.

All changes to the Statutes agreed at the AGM are within the Statutes on our web site


Held on 19th November 2015 at the Old Primary School in Vales, currently the Headquarters of Amovate – Associaçao de Marodores e Amigos do Vale Da Telha ( Residents and Friends Association of Vale Da Telha ) beginning at 4pm. The Association’s General Meeting took place with the following Agenda:

  1. Information about Events that have taken place
  2. Presentation and Approval of Financial Report
  3. Election of members for the Governing body / posts
  4. Proposed Changes to the Statutes

At the appointed time, a count was made of those present at the meeting, while not fulfilling with the criteria and in accordance with the statutes; a waiting time of a period of 30mins. Was taken and the meeting started at 4:30pm with the present members.

A brief summary of the Events held was made. The accounts were then presented and explained and the Financial Report was unanimously approved.

An election was then held with only one voting list that after being presented was elected  unanimously by all present.

After the Election the Governing body / posts were delegated as follows:

Directors / Administration

President: John Bergstrom-Potter

Vice President: Kate Lang

Secretary: Ian Bedford

Treasurer: Dave Ogborn


Member: Alan Nightingale

Member: Chic Wilson

Member: John Williams

Member: Richard Hursthouse

Member: Steve Baker

Member: Armindo Santos Almeida

Member: Alvaro Figueiredo


General Assembly:

President: Marion Verling

Vice President: Steve Scott

Secretary: Ian Bedford


Fiscal Council:

President: Angus Lang

Secretary: Judith Chilvers

Relator: David Quinton

The members were asked to consider changes to the Statutes that had been circulated with the agenda 5 weeks before the meeting, the changes involved alterations to the types of membership, Percentage of members present to start a meeting on time, change of year to run from January to December each year.

There  was a short explanation as to the reasoning behind the changes and the meeting voted unanimously to approve the proposed changes.

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