Amovate Christmas Charity Event at Hugo’s Bar Raises €700

It was an inspired brainwave for a fundraiser—the more you drank the more cash was raised to provide presents for needy children!

So, residents of Aljezur, Espartel, Arrifana,Vale da Telha and the surrounding districts raised their glasses…and collected a fantastic €700 to put a smile on the faces of deprived children and families at Christmas.

On Friday (December 5) Amovate teamed up with Hugo’s Bar with the aim of providing presents for kids who otherwise might not be getting a visit from Santa Claus this year.

And Amovate President John Bergstrom-Potter smiled: “It’s a win-win situation; you have your bevvy and the charity gets some money to put a smile on the faces of children in danger of missing out at a time for giving and well-being.”

As you will probably know, each year the BPI Bank’s branch in Aljezur is supplied with a list of children in deprived circumstances who will not be receiving any Christmas presents, and the branch arranges to collect donations to help out.

Amovate and Hugo Nanitas, owner of Hugo’s Bar, offered to arrange gifts from the cash raised at the charity event for 10 of these children, including a personalised Christmas card with each gift-wrapped present.

Hugo’s pledge to donate a portion of the price of every drink sold in a four-hour period—€1 for every caneca (pint) priced at €2.50, for example—raised €285.50 which Amovate, as promised, then doubled to produce a final total of €571.

Amovate then decided to round the cash up to €700—€200 for the children’s presents and €500 to the St Vincent de Paul society for distribution amongst the area’s poorer families.

Amovate committee member Steve Baker also set up several games of skill during the event—which was attended by Aljezur Camara PresidentJosé Amarelinho, parish priest Padre Nuno and Fernando from the BPI—for which people paid €1 and attempted to win five bottles of beer in an ice bucket.

Said John Bergstrom-Potter: “It was a really successful and enjoyable evening, made even more so by the knowledge that everyone who attended helped to put a smile on the face of a child who may otherwise have missed out this Christmas.”
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