Update on Vale da Telha Defibrillators

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You will recall that the amazing generosity of the people of this area made it possible to purchase two defibrillators that will be such a life-saving asset to the Vale da Telha and Aljezur communities.

This incredibly warm-hearted district leapt into action once the project to raise €4,500 for these two machines and a piece of training equipment was announced.

Such was the incredible response from you, the people of this community, that the money needed to buy the defibrillators and an item of training equipment from the UK was raised WITHIN A MONTH both on Vale da Telha and from the surrounding districts.

On April 12 this year Amovate President Peter Johnson along with Dr David Quinton—the Vale da Telha resident who inspired the campaign—officially presented the machines to Aljezur Fire Chief, Mario Costa and three of his firefighters.

But, as some of you may be aware, we have been struggling through the Portuguese Bombeiros bureaucracy to register the defibrillators.

We are almost there. The newly appointed Bombeiros President in Lisbon should complete the process in next few weeks! The machines then can be placed in the Hotel Vale da Telha lobby and the other in the second Bombeiros Ambulance.

At the same time we will run another Basic Life Support course at the Amovate HQ, The Old School House, for the 8 remaining volunteers (and anyone else interested–see below). We will also start Defibrillation courses with the training machine for those who have already passed their BLS and the certificates then, at last signed by the President, handed out. E-mails will be sent out.

We should all thank the Bombeiros de Aljezur and especially the Captain and Davide Costa for their perseverance with the authorities.

More than 60 people immediately signed up for the original CPR training courses, with more registering their interest in the following weeks, and going on to complete the courses.

The classes were conducted by experts from the Bombeiros assisted by Dr Quinton, Vale da Telha resident Sue Kenyon, a UK-certified trainer and instructor in Hands-Only CPR and also use of AED (automatic devices), and Amovate committee member Steve Baker, a former UK police officer.

If you have not yet applied but wish to take part, please contact us atinfo@amovate.com or to Sue Kenyon direct at diversue@gmail.com We will add you to the list, letting you know in due course when your training session is to be held.

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