Amovate Library Now Open Six Days A Week

LibraryAmovate’s Old School House HQ has now had an internal facelift that means the library will be open every time a class is being held in the building.

Previously, booklovers were able to access the library only during the one hour per week when the office was being manned.

But the library has now been scaled down and moved to the front office, which means there are now daily options during the week to return and borrow books.

As you can see from the calendar here there are currently 14 classes per week, plus the office opening hour.

The people running the classes have been asked to make sure the front door is open, or unlocked, all the time they are in the building, enabling access to the library on six days rather than just the one as before.

So, if you check the attached chart you will see the exact times the library is now available for your use.

Activities Calendar

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