Culatrense 0 – 1 Aljezurense

Showers before kick off had freshened up the plastic pitch and the ball was difficult to control as it whipped off the slick surface. Culatrense in magnificent pink played the ball around and were happy to make 20 passes when 3 might have done. Aljezurense found it difficult to get the ball in the right places as the mid field minus Dani struggled to get a foot on the ball.

The defence were strong though and many attempts at the Aljezurense goal were thwarted until some slick passing along the right flank freed the home forward who turned inside Victor and unleashed a shot that was heading goal wards.  Luis in goal stood his line and made a magnificent one handed save to parry the ball wide. This seemed to spur the visitors, and in a period of play before halftime Aljezurense were more in control of the game.

Noel was again dominant at the back and Luis in goal punched, parried or caught all the visitors could muster but to no avail.

The Red Cross were in attendance and they brought the stretcher on 3 times, twice carrying off home side players that were replaced because of injury.

Half Time Culatrense 0 – 0 Aljezurense 0

The second half started with the home side playing with more purpose, whipping the ball around but without the penetration they were wanting.  Lawrence and Eddy were getting control of most of the loose passes made by the home team, and used the ball well, giving Jardel, João and Pope opportunities albeit slim.  The home defence were happy to tug shirts or trip the goal bound Aljezurense forwards to gain advantage.

Mid way through the half Aljezurense built from the back and Noel 17 found Lawrence 8 who’s quick pinpoint pass released Pope 18 wide on the left, he quickly changed feet moving the ball inside the full back.  He hit a furious shot from fully 30 m across the keeper and the ball screamed into the far top corner.  What a goal!  fully deserved as Aljezurense were more than holding their own.

Supporters were looking at watches and were alarmed that there was still 20 plus minutes left to play.  Culatrense made a change and a giant of a man came on to play up front for them.  Waves of attacks came but the visitors defended superbly from front to back, keeping the score line in Aljezurense’s favour.

The visitors’ forwards were given a bit more room as the home side tried to push forward, and both Jardel with a fine shot from inside the box, and João with an exquisite shot from just outside the box, left the keeper rooted to his line as the ball grazed the outside of the post.

Aljezurense made some changes to strengthen the defence and Nuno and Dani were introduced to strengthen mid field. With time running out the home side won a corner. The ball was knocked in long from the right to the back of the penalty box, was headed forward to the far post, up popped the giant who lashed the ball into the goal from 1 metre, but was adjudged by the referee’s assistant to be off side.

This incensed the home team and their play faltered as they threw caution to the wind in trying to get a point, however all to no avail and after 5 minutes extra time, the referee blew to end the game.

Great game to watch, -well done to all, as the result was thoroughly deserved. The referee and his assistants were easily the best by far that have officiated their games this term. So for 2 weeks running Aljezurense have taken points from sides in the top 4 of the league and the results were well deserved.

The new keeper has grown in stature and was adjudged man of the match by the travelling supporters although the whole side could have deserve this accolade.



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