AF Algarve 2 Divisão – Unbeaten Champions

Bensafrim 1 – 1 Aljezurense

The last game of the season was sadly a sorry affair with the referee mishandling what should have been a very good local derby. Aljezur still not at full strength, did their best to let their unbeaten record disappear but again Simão 80 and Africa 4 held strong in central defence.

The Bensafrim centre forward was tireless in his efforts and would be a great asset to Aljezurense next term and his enthusiasm and the referees inadequacy almost won the game.

Aljezurense scored half way through the first half with what would win goal of the season on Match of the Day.  A fine move down the left found Pele 14, his turn of speed was too much for the home defence and he hit a fierce shot from the left bending the ball past the outstretched body of the goalkeeper into the side netting of the goal, not that they deserved this lead, but Aljezurense still were looking for a result to end the season unbeaten.

In the second half, Bensafrim took the bull by the horns and fought hard, Aljezurense battled although it was clear they held onto the lead by a thread.  With 15 mins to go a fierce shot by the Bensafrin centre forward from distance skidded on the wet surface and Abel 12 parried the ball into the goal, 1-1.

Heavy rain ensued as both sides fought hard to win the match but alas it fizzled out even and a 1-1 draw.

Aljezurense Players thank their Supporters

Well done Aljezurense finishing the season unbeaten and 8 points clear at the top of the table, now the hard work starts with keeping the players for next season and hopefully reinforcing the squad with some quality.

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