AGM 2011

At the AGM which took place on the 6th October 2011, Members almost voted in the new committee unanimously,  (The New Committee) but there were 2 who abstained.

Details of the AGM will be posted shortly on this site but we are pleased to announce that the membership has already increased by 18%. And what is particularly satisfying is that a high proportion of this increase is made up of local Portuguese residents either rejoining or becoming new members who see Amovate as an important tool in the fight to have more resources directed towards Vale da Telha and the surrounding areas.

Meetings have taken place recently with prominent people who have major concerns as to the general conditions of Vale Da Telha.

Three new members have been added to last year’s committee; Gabriel Reis as Vice President of the Committee, and 2 prominent Developers in Vale Da Telha, Armindo Santos Almeida & Alvaro Figueiredo as members of the committee.

Discussions with these new members have been taking place over the past few weeks and at a meeting with the President & Vice President of the Camara and others this week, we forcibly voiced our concerns about lack of improvements, repairs and cleaning of the area. A wide range of subjects were discussed and the Camara President suggested that we present to him a list of areas of work that we would like the Camara to carry out.

The new Amovate committee will pull together a wish list of improvements that we think will benefit all and forge together with the Camara a real way forward to achieving our goals. Please bear in mind that the Camara, like all the authorities in Portugal is working under servere financial restraints. But we believe that it is time more of the considerable amounts of money flowing down the hill from Vale Da Telha, Arrifana, Espartal, Vales, Pasaigem Oceano etc and into the Camara coffers flowed back up the hill–certainly a fairer percentage, which we suspect has rarely been the case in the past.

The Final list of these items that we will be taking to the Camara will be publicised for all to see, hopefully before the end of October on this Web Site.

With our new goals we need greater support as numbers will be our strength. We all need to encourage people to join Amovate to give more Political clout to our cause and we ask that you pass on the good word which hopefully will help increase the membership.

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